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Digbeth First Friday: Summer Camp Show

Friday, 6 September 2019
6 – 9pm

Summer Camp is EOP’s annual takeover of Eastside Projects. This year it will run from 27 August to 6 September, when it culminates in a one night only show for Digbeth First Friday!

Betsy Bradley, Elvin Sanders, Matt Gale, Sara Trillo and Samiir Saunders are using the gallery as an expanded studio across two weeks and Dinosaur Kilby, Chantelle Boyle and Alex Billingham will present scratch performances on the night.

Other exhibiting artists this year are: Zoe Aitken, Dan Auluk, Ken Banks, Ashleigh Bowmott and Thomas Eke, Sally Butcher, DRAWER, Sherrie Edgar, Rebecca Farkas, Krystyna Farrell, Azura Farrell-Mcleod, Helen Grundy, JJ Guest, Kurt Hickson, Paul Johnson, James Lomax, Adam Neal, India Nielsen, Craig David Parr, Luc Pheles, Chantal Pitts, Luke Routledge, Andrew Smith, Emily⚡️Sparkes

In Gallery 2 we will present a showreel of recent video work by: Dan Auluk, Ambie Drew, Maria Georgoula, Sherrie Edgar,  Lucy Hutchinson, Asuf Ishaq, Dinosaur Kilby, Sahjan Kooner, Tyler Mallison, George Mavrikos, Luke Routledge, Elvin Sanders, Joyce Treasure.

Images by Betsy Bradley, Rebecca Farkas, Matt Gale, Maria Georgoula, Joyce Treasure.