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Crowdsource Your Artist Statement

Tuesday, 20 June 2017
6.30 – 8pm

*** This event will now take place at Grand Union, 19 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT. ***

Hate writing statements? Feel unsure if yours is communicating what you want to say a reader? Struggling to make things sound coherent? Need to update, but not sure how? Come along to this informal, workshop and work with other ESP members and EP staff to wrangle things into shape.

Having a good, clear, concise and up to date artist’s statement is a necessary part of working as an artist but, for many, writing it can be a difficult task. This event will use the collective ESP brain to explore alternative ways of writing about artworks and artistic practices.

Taking real artworks and existing artist statements from ESP members as a starting point, and with a series of prompts on hand, we’ll try out different ways of articulating what is is that we do and what work is about. By working together and getting input from members who have some distance from your work, or who have other ways of expressing ideas or different relationships with language we’ll work, rethink and test existing material and open up new ways of speaking about ourselves.

For those sharing work, it’s a great opportunity to use the hive mind to expand the vocabulary around your work and borrow other people’s phrases and insights to write with more confidence and clarity. And for those workshopping the words, it’s another chance to stretch your own linguistic skills by applying them to someone else’s practice.

We’ll have flip charts, google docs and post-it-notes a plenty.

If you want to put your practice and/or a work forward for group experimentation on the night, email by Tuesday 6 June.