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Creative Time Summit: Screening with Introduction by Dr Ross Abbinnett

Friday, 29 September 2017

Creative Time Summit: Screening with Introduction by Dr Ross Abbinnett.

From 2pm to late!

2pm, talk by Dr Ross Abbinnett

We kicked off our screening of the 10th Creative Time Summit, Of Homelands and Revolution, with an talk by Dr Ross Abbinnett. He introduced his research into the economy of contribution, exploring how ‘spiritual’ technologies are taking over from human labour, resulting in a need for re-evaluation of our place in the world where labour is no longer considered a fixed principle of life.

Dr Ross Abbinnett has developed an internationally recognized body of research that has focused on the relationship between contemporary critical thought and the social, political, and technological evolution of modernity. His first book, Truth and Social Science: From Hegel to Deconstruction (Sage, 1998), is the groundwork for his research: it gives a historical account of the relationship between the explanatory categories of positivist and objectivist social science. He has published extensively in international journals over the last five years. Recent publications include: ‘The Spectre and the Simulacrum: History After Baudrillard’ (Theory, Culture and Society, 2008), ‘Machiavelli’s Double: Power, Simulation, and Hyper-Sovereignty’, (International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, 2012), ‘Nostalgia and Austerity, or, The Never-Ending Dream of Excess’ (European Journal of Cultural Studies, 2013).

3pm – late, screening of the Creative Time Summit 

After the talk by Dr Ross Abbinnett we switched to the live-stream from Toronto and joined a worldwide network of venues.

This year’s event explored the concept of ‘home’ in its intimate and immense dimensions. Contributors considered urgent struggles for sovereign homelands, the violent borders that produce exile, displacement and refugeeism and the threats of virulent nationalism(s). At the same time speakers explored home’s relation to the heart, and the everyday, extraordinary realms of domestic life and hospitality.

The summit’s consideration of ‘revolution’, takes its point from the Centennial of the Russian Revolution, exploring the legacy of the movement and, a hundred years later, looking back at the Marxist tradition and the many forms of radical sociality, aesthetics and anti-capitalist organizing that it has inspired, particularly in light of the resurgence of neoliberalism and the global turn to the right today.

The screening featured contributions from over thirty participants including: Ala’ Al-Thibeh and Zahra Komeylian; Alexa Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson, and Parr Josephee; Amy Wong (Angry Asian Feminist Gang); Ana Serrano, Victor Willis, Heather Mathis, Douglas Rushkoff, and Justin Stephenson; Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Camille Turner, and Leah Snyder; Chris Cavanagh; Diane Borsato; Emelie Chhangur; Golboo Amani; Henry Heng Lu, Morris Lum, Shellie Zhang, and Alvis Parsley; Honor Ford-Smith, Andil Gosine, and Lisa Myers; Jon Olbey and Dr. Bryant Greenbaum; MICE MAGAZINE; Maria Hupfield, Siku Allooloo, and Jaskiran Dhillon; Mark V. Campbell, Pamela Edmonds, Yaniya Lee, Chiedza Pasipanodya, and Genevieve Wallen (We Curate, We Critique Collective); Pamila Matharu and Lisa Deanne Smith; Phillip Dwight Morgan; Public Studio; Saada El-Akhrass, Eliza Chandler, Lindsay Fisher, Kim Fullerton, Katie McMillan, and Anne Zbitnew; South Asian Visual Arts Centre; The Feminist Art Museum (Xenia Benivolski & Su-Ying Lee) presenting Christine Migwans; Wael Shawky; Whippersnapper Gallery; and the Woodlands Cultural Centre.

About The Creative Time Summit

The Creative Time Summit is an annual convening of thinkers, dreamers and doers working at the intersection of art and politics. Functioning as a roving platform, it brings together artists, activists and other thought leaders engaging with today’s most pressing issues. Presenting a critical range of perspectives it provides strategies for social change in local and global contexts. Launched in New York City in 2009, the Creative Time Summit was the first major international platform for socially engaged art, and has since grown to encompass an expanded field – featuring a range of multidisciplinary practices from music to policy making. To date, the Summit has hosted over 8,000 live attendees and hundreds of luminaries on its stage, including legendary art critic Lucy Lippard, Academy Award winning filmmaker Laura Poitras, MacArthur “Genius” award winning contemporary artist Carrie Mae Weems, #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Alicia Garza, and President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani. Just as significantly, the Summit is also a forum for emerging artists and thinkers to debut ideas and projects.