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Collectivising Studio Practice

Thursday, 18 May 2023
6 – 7.30 pm

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex, Eva and Youngsook decided to get a studio together, but for more than sharing space. They identified a need to connect and support each other while working as individual freelancers, countering the atomisation pushed on them by the pressures of capitalism. Taking methods from their previous experiences in co-ops, womxn’s circles, and activist groups, as well as working out their needs during a time of crisis, they have created various intentional structures of support which include sharing space, weekly check-ins, and eating lunch together. They also dream about enacting radical structures such as income sharing.

Through this in-person workshop, Alex, Eva, and Youngsook invite participants to explore and expand possibilities for proactive peer-to-peer care structures around studio practices by speculating about the possibilities and opportunities of the artist studio as a micro care system.

Based on the last survey from the National Federation Of Artists Studio Providers in 2010, 252 sites operate 5450 studios nationally. Imagine if all these studios were transformed into microorganisms of care that consider the artist’s life situations and emotional and social support needs as a core part of the operation!

Through thoughtful activities and provocation, this workshop will explore models of practice and reflect, and speculate about the potential of collectivised studio practices for caring more.



This workshop is open to all artists, designers and makers, especially those who hold or consider a studio space or are interested in collectivising studios with an experimental approach. Bring your good memories, ideas and valuable mistakes!



Studio YEA is a collective of three artists – Alex Parry, Youngsook Choi, and Eva Freeman.

Alex is doing a practice based PhD at Coventry and is currently looking at workshops as science fiction and their social and political potential.

Eva specialises in co-designing furniture, environments and play equipment for under 5’s and their families. She is particularly interested in materials and building in relation to group work.

Youngsook’s works explore the concept of ‘political spirituality’ and intimate aesthetics of community actions by weaving speculative narratives with research evidence, folk tales, mythologies and performative instructions for audience participation.

They all met at RARA Co-operative and went on to set up Studio YEA during the Covid-19 pandemic. Studio YEA has developed around how to create structures to support each other and their practices beyond sharing space.

This event is part of Still there are seeds to be gathered … a programme of events led by EOP members.