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(CAMPFIRE) at the periphery

Saturday, 12 October 2019
2 – 4pm

A new series of hands-on workshops for EOP members who use language or text in their practice, but might not think of themselves as writers. Over three artist-led sessions we will come together to explore different active approaches to art making using language as a starting point.

This session was led by Christopher Kirubi. Christopher is a poet and artist who uses the mutability of images, objects and text to negotiate the limits of sexuality, gender, race and desire.

During this workshop Christopher introduced us to the work of Sonia Sanchez, Tracie Morris and Pauline Oliveros. We completed a few of Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations (see resources below) and then collaboratively wrote a poem using pieces of original writing, found text and instructions.

This series has been developed by Annabel Duggleby and Sahjan Kooner who collaborate through their research practice ARChipelago.