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(CAMPFIRE) at the periphery: Yoojin Lee

Saturday, 7 December 2019
2 – 4pm

Sleep is a quiet, unnoticed form of resistance that happens individually but is shared in its universality. It remains as a sign of shared time, participating in the world by its mere being there. What does a sleeping being become against the backdrop of a world that is lit 24 hours? How can we exist together as sleeping bodies? What lullaby could we sing? Taking sleep as a starting point, the workshop will explore textures of sounds and words that are both individual and collective. We will collaboratively build layers of sonic textures through listening, sounding, diverging and resonating.

If you are interested in taking part, please add your sleep-related sounds to the Google Doc HERE. It is open and can be varied: what you listen to when you fall asleep, what you hear when you go to sleep, sounds of how you sleep, sounds that wake you up and so on.

Yoojin Lee uses object, sound, text, video and performative gesture to experiment with ways of being in the world that embody care, knowledge, (un)belonging and resistance. Recent work has explored the potentiality of overlooked human and non-human behaviours and states of (in)activity. She likes to sleep a lot.

CAMPFIRE (at the periphery) is a new series of hands-on workshops for EOP members who use language or text in their practice, but might not necessarily think of themselves as writers. Over three artist-led sessions we will come together to explore different active approaches to art making using language as a starting point. This series has been developed by Annabel Duggleby and Sahjan Kooner who collaborate through their research practice ARChipelago.