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ONLINE Artists Talk: Undergrounding the Critical Mineral with FRAUD

Wednesday, 15 May 2024
6 – 7.15 pm

Through art practice, how can we foster different cultural practices, political imaginations, networks of mutuality and relations, and even modes of world (un)making?

In this talk, artist duo FRAUD will present their ongoing project EURO–VISION, a research-led enquiry that explores how ‘extraction’ can be understood beyond the removal and displacement of minerals, and instead, extend to include how policies, futures markets, international treaties and regulations anticipate interlocking chains of planetary dispossession.

To date, the project has produced a web platform-as-exhibition (, exhibitions, public programmes, and a podcast series. The ongoing project, in conversation with academics, practitioners, economists, lawyers, activists and journalists, explores the extractive gaze of the UK and the European Union’s institutions and policies, focusing on the ways in which Critical Minerals shape our material-infrastructural condition; it also gestures towards how art can be a tool to render cognitive maps which facilitate the apprehension of supply chain dynamics and their entanglements with financialisaton.

EURO–VISION was originally commissioned by RADAR Loughborough, the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial and Arts Catalyst; the podcast series is edited by Canon Batur and hosted by the Nottingham Contemporary Journal.


FRAUD (Audrey Samson and Françîcco Gayardo) is an artist duo whose work has been exhibited internationally. Their artistic and investigate practice poses questions that aim to de-centre dominant legal and policy systems validating and perpetuating resource- and commodity-oriented relations.

Somerset House Studios alumni, the duo, currently Stanley Picker Fellows, has also been selected for Artangel’s Making Time (2023), as well as awarded the HBK Braunschweig Fellowship (2020), the King’s College Cultural Institute Grant (2018) and has been commissioned by Contemporary Art Archipelago (2022), the Istanbul Design Biennial (2020), RADAR Loughborough (2020) and the Cockayne Foundation (2018).

Audrey is a professor in More-Than-Computational Arts at l’École de Recherche Graphique. Francisco is an architect who was awarded the Welcome Trust People Awards (2016) and authored Talking Dirty published by Arts Catalyst (2016). They are Studio Tutor in Architecture at Loughborough University and in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

FRAUD’s current investigations can be explored through the EURO⁠—VISION platform


This event has been organised by Spike Island (Bristol) for the Kaleidoscope Network, a collaboration with Eastside Projects (Birmingham), Primary (Nottingham),  and The NewBridge Project (Newcastle). EOP Members are automatically part of the Kaleidoscope Network and can attend selected events programmed by each partner for free.