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Events Upcoming

A Health Assessment of your Practice

Thursday, 21 March 2019
6.30 – 8pm

ESP members only, booking essential

Join us for a workshop exploring the (social) reproductive system of your art practice – the system that maintains your practice, the system that is the foundation upon which all other artwork is possible. How do you and others support the maintenance of your art practice? Who nourishes your inspiration? Cleans your critical mind? And cares for your exhausted body? What blockages or problems do you find there? Through a series of discursive mapping exercises we will think through the health of our own artistic practices in relation to wider social and economic realities. Considering together what collective remedies we might be able to propose to some of our struggles.

The workshop uses methods developed within Building as Body: A Handbook for Investigating the Workplace a two year residency at Nottingham Contemporary where we worked with staff to explore the architecture of the workplace. The Building as Body looks into the ways in which buildings and bodies are fluid ecosystems which affect each other, mapping how the circulatory, digestive and (social) reproductive systems operate in the cultural institution. What symptoms does this building suffer with? What ways can we diagnose and challenge the conditions that
perpetuate them?

During the workshop there will be cooked food and refreshments.

To book a place email 

Manual Labours (Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards) is a practice-based research project exploring physical and emotional relationships to work. Since 2013 Manual Labours have carried out research with workers in different fields of work, including call-centre workers, people working with complaint procedures, commuters and cultural workers. The research process has included workshops, performances, reading groups, film screenings, collaging, writing and artists' commissions. Each phase of the research culminates in a published Manual. Manual Labours have exhibited their research in London (Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck University and The Showroom), Worcester (Movement), Warsaw (Museum of Modern Art) and published in the European Journal for Cultural Studies, Red Pepper and Third Text. For more information about Manual Labours, visit