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Go West: Birmingham Gathering with Spike Associates and G39

Thursday, 23 November 2023
11am – 6pm

Selected EOP members, Spike Island Associates (Bristol) and artists connected to G39 (Cardiff) come together to visit Birmingham and rekindle links between the three networks.

In the early days of EOP we collaborated with Spike Associates and WARP at G39, on a series of visits and exchange projects including Building Up, Not Tearing Down micro-residency (2009), Soon All Your Neighbours will be Artists publication (2011), Go West residencies (2013), Flatfile projects (2013), and shared Away Days in BristolCardiffManchester and Birmingham.

One of the artists who took part at that time was Natasha MacVoy – who’s project U&I is in our second gallery from 6 October – 16 December. After reminiscing with Natasha about the connections that were made through this activity we have decided to revive the relationship beginning with three Go West Gatherings – collective Away Days in Birmingham in November, Bristol in Spring and Cardiff in Summer 2024 designed to create new links between the three communities of artists.

On the Birmingham leg we will visit a mix of galleries and organisations including Grand Union, Vivid Projects, Centrala, Prayer Room, Yard and Ikon Gallery where we will meet curators, artists and organisers, and of course have plenty of time to get to know each other.

Joining us from EOP are Clara Maria Casian, Johanna Bolton, Ray Vincent-Mills, Jay Ottewell, Jo Ball, Lucy Roberts, Sherrie Edgar, Liz Lake, Danielle Phelps, Ngo Chun Tse and Carolyn Morton.