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Artists Index: Joe Fletcher Orr

Joe Fletcher Orr (b.1991, Birkenhead, based in Liverpool) gained his BA at the Manchester School of Art and is the founder of CACTUS, a non-profit gallery in Liverpool, entirely self funded by a part time job on a market stall. Besides running the programme at CACTUS, Joe Fletcher Orr is also an artist. Recent shows include Künstlich, natürlich!, SABOT, Cluj-Napoca, RO; Neon: The Charged Line, The Grundy, Blackpool; We’ve Got Mail III, Mostyn, Llandudno; Your Face Has No Function For Me, Division of Labour, London; Looking North, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; We’ve Got Mail III, Mostyn, Llandudno; This is it, isn’t it?, M I L K x WORKPLACE, Newcastle; A Journey from a sweeping gesture to a lasting effect, Vitrine, Basel; Adventures in Clay, Bronze & Stone, Furini Arte Contemporanea, Arezzo, IT; BeatTricks, Milan, IT; After, Division of Labour, London; This Is Your Replacement, Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf, DE; Mummy’s Boy, The International 3, Manchester; FOLLOW, FACT, Liverpool. SMALL Rome, Frutta, Rome IT; Champagne, BeatTricks, Milan, IT.