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Artists Index: Uta Eisenreich

Uta Eisenreich (Born 1971, Friedberg, Germany. Lives and works in Amsterdam.) From a background in photography, Uta Eisenreich increasingly incorporates performative and installation strategies into her practice. Her work often evolves around game structures exploring space between documentation, sculpture, publishing and scriptwriting. Recent solo shows include ‘Time after Sometimes’ (2012), Ellen de Bruijne, Amsterdam and ‘A not B – 1:1’ (2010) Art Amsterdam. Group exhibitions include KAAP 2012, (2012) Fort Ruigenhoek/Utrecht, and ‘Half suiker, half zand’ (2012) Museum De Paviljoens/Almere, Netherlands. Her artist book 'A not B' was published by Roma Publications in 2010. Uta Eisenreich also teaches at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.