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Artists Index: Tommy Støckel

Tommy Stockel (Born 1972, Copenhagen. Lives and works in Berlin.) Geometry, scale and perspective are essentials in the work of Tommy Støckel. His fascination with art history, science fiction and illusions are reflected in collages, sculptures and installations. Here, constructed futures seen in miniature worlds and deserted sci-fi landscapes are represented. With a precise mathematical technique Støckel creates collages using figures cut out from catalogues and sculptures showing different layers in an artificial decay of time. The use of materials as paper, cardboard and foam adds to the artificiality of the works and gives them an air of being film sets, props or temporary models. Recent solo exhibitions include Simulation & Decoration, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, When Pasts and Futures Meet, The Nordic Embassies, Berlin and Clash of the Classics, IASPIS, Stockholm. Selected group show include Paper in Three Dimensions, Skovgaardmuseet, Viborg, ShiftScale – The Extended Field of Sculpture, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn.