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Artists Index: Sym Mendez/Sym Stellium

Sym Stellium aka Sym Mendez is a movement/performance artist, facilitator and ritual maker - with the exploration of connection/communication on micro and macro levels situated at the core of its practice. Its work mainly revolves around bodily autonomy, ancestral & psycho-somatic roots to physical pain, and furthering collectivity - and possibilities of liberation - from the inside out. Using a combination of movement, soundscapes, chanting and meditative practices - Sym attempts to create embodied expressions of the ethereal and break down internalised colonial belief systems. Sym has previously been commissioned by organisations - and performed in spaces - including: C-DaRE, Grand Union gallery, Coventry Pride x Belgrade Theatre, Diasporas Now, Fierce Festival, We Out Here Festival, Birmingham Pride & SHOUT Festival. They have led talks and workshops across the UK (Peaks of Colour, Andro & Eve, B.O.O.K, Eastside Projects, Colours Youth, UNMUTED...) and has offered artistic and spiritual care support across the UK, Luxembourg, Germany & Finland. Sym is currently the Culture x Liberation lead at MAIA.