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Artists Index: Susan Collis

Susan Collis (Born 1956, Edinburgh. Lives and works In London and Sussex.) Susan Collis creates objects, interventions and situations which are all but invisible. Forgotten screws and nails, unfilled holes and scrap timber prove on closer inspection to be the result of laboured craft processes, utilising precious metals, gem stones and exotic veneers in order to make objects that address the notion of skill and its relationship to value both in contemporary practice and in the wider economy. In two pieces made specifically for Eastside Projects she has used traces of previous exhibition installations (As long as it lasts and This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things) to generate new work which directly responds to the cumulative process of exhibition making explored at Eastside Projects. Recent solo exhibitions include Lora Reynolds gallery, Austin Texas, Sweat, Seventeen, London, The Grand Scheme of Things, Leicester City Art Gallery. Group shows include Apparently Invisible, Drawing Centre, New York, Bizarre Perfection, Museum of Israel, Jerusalem, and An Archaeology 176 Project Space, London. She is represented by SEVENTEEN, London