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Artists Index: Scott Caruth

Scott Caruth (b. 1990 in Glasgow, Scotland) lives and works between Glasgow and Berlin. Caruth takes specific sites, communities or histories as his point of departure within his extensively research driven practice and investigates their relationship with documentary methods. In critiquing the role of systems that concern themselves with the politics of ‘evidence’, his work focuses on how individual responses can challenge preconceived notions of institutionalised mythologies. Solo shows include: ‘Molatham : Studio Portraiture From The West Bank’, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow, Scotland (2013). Group exhibitions include: ‘Time Isn’t Holding Up, Time Isn’t After Us’, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow (2016); ‘Opposite Tendencies’, 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow (2016); ‘Of Hearts & Minds’ w/ Winnie Herbstein, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (2016); ‘This Is Now : Film And Video After Punk’, Tramway (2016); ‘Twofold’ w/ Tine Bek, Glasgow Open House Art Festival (2015).