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Artists Index: Ruth Beale

Performance as Publishing (founded 2011) is an independent practice-based research project based in London, led by Nicole Bachmann and Ruth Beale. It explores, through their own and other artists’ practice, the relationship between the written word (archival material, found texts, fiction and art writing) and exhibition-making, audio and performance. Many of the invited artists deal directly with the subject of text and language, others use it more formally to explore different thematic concerns. Each project defines a strain of practice emerging in London, the UK, and internationally. Recent Projects include ‘Rhythm of Thought’, Whitechapel Gallery, London, (2015); ‘I take an empty space and call it a bare stage’, NY Art Book Fair, MoMa Ps1, New York, (2014); ‘The flow between the thing and the word’; Modern Art Oxford, (2014); ‘Words to be Spoken Aloud’, Turner Contemporary, (2013); and ‘Performance as Publishing’, South London Gallery, (2011).