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Artists Index: Rosalie Schweiker

Rosalie Schweiker (b. 1985, South Germany. Lives and works in London.) develops low-key infrastructures and uses social exchanges, such as conversations, economic transactions and jokes to position art in everyday life. Most of her work is self-funded and realised in collaborations which are often built on long-term friendships. Recent projects include ‘Why Do It At The Tate If You Could Do It In Your Living Room’, meetings organised with Maria Guggenbichler and Eva Rowson in their living rooms, London and Amsterdam (2014); ‘Britain Is Not An Island’ organised together with Kathrin Böhm (2016); ‘tarot readings only 10CHF’, Manifesta 11 Parallel event (2016)’; ‘DD+’, in collaboration with Juliane Schickedanz (and many others), Kunstverein Bielefeld, Germany (2016); ‘Accompaniment’ in collaboration with Rudy Loewe, New York (2015); ‘The Judy Collection’, a contemporary art collection for Judy van Laar, funded by selling junk at car boot sales (Scott & Scott, 2014) ’Sleep with a Curator’, in collaboration with Maria Guggenbichler, hosted at The Showroom, London, Kunsthalle, Zurich and Eastside Projects, Birmingham as part of FIERCE festival (2014– 2015).