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Artists Index: Rodrigo Costa

RODRIGO COSTA (b. 1999, Funchal, Portugal) is, above all else, a visual artist interested in the concepts of play and childhood applied to the day-to-day life. Exploring the fields of painting, sculpture, performance, video and installation, he creates colourful, fun, intentionally amateur-ish and DIY-like objects and situations, which encourage self-reflection and the change of certain social behaviours. Currently based in is homeland, Madeira Island (Portugal), he graduated with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art – First Class from Coventry University in 2020 and has been dividinghis time between art-making and freelancing as curator and cultural manager. Sincereturning to Madeira, he has teamed up with different branches of the Regional Government to create, establish and manage two brands that support, give space and promote the work of young and/or emerging artists under fair and justly-paid opportunities: the anona gallery (in partnership with the Regional Youth Department) and FRESH CONTEMPS (in partnership with the Regional Secretariate for Tourism and Culture). He often works alongside city halls as well, in projects such as Funchal’s Book Fair and the ENSEADA Festival. At the moment, he is also part of DGARTES’ Evaluation Committees. With a professional path now divided between Madeira and England, some of his exhibitions include: ‘o que aconteceu à cenoura? (what happened to the carrot?)’ (2022), as a member of coletivo melro, at Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias’ Noble Hall, Funchal, Madeira; ‘e depois?’ (2022), at Gallerias Savoy Signature, Funchal, Madeira; ‘pela paisagem dividida, retalhada’ (2020), at Galeria dos Prazeres, Calheta, Madeira; ‘ARTSTHREADxiD Global Graduate Show 2020’ (2020); ‘a balloon that flew’ (solo), at The Arches Project, Birmingham (2019) and ‘view//point’, at FarGo Village, Coventry (2019). In 2023, after his public installation ‘the good, the bad and the obviously mad’ for the 49th Funchal’s Book Fair, he opened his first solo exhibition in Madeira, ‘Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?’, at the Cecilia Zino Foundation, Funchal.