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Artists Index: Michael Dean

Michael Dean (Born1977, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lives & works in London.) In sculpture, photography and drawing Michael Dean’s work communicates the logic of language, but one that refuses to provide an accessible meaning. His sculptures and images have their roots in his own writing – a writing that memorializes what he describes as ‘moments of intensity and attraction’. Dean is not interested in communicating his own personal intimacies, however, but rather in finding a mechanism to create a mutually exclusive intimacy – one in which the viewer is confronted with an impenetrable model of language and thus projects their own meaning onto it. Recent solo exhibitions include Works|Projects, Bristol, 2009, Alessandro De March, Milan, Italy, and Feurig59, Berlin, Germany. Group shows include Intervention/Decoration, Foreground, Frome, UK, Italia Italie Italien Italy Wlochy, ARCOS Museum of Contemporary Art Sannio, Benevento, Italy. He is represented by Works|Projects , Bristol.