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Artists Index: melissandre varin

melissandre varin is an undisciplined atmosphere-maker. Intimacy, embodiment, and healing emerge from their work via experimental partnerships contributing to freedom and liberation.⁠ They are grateful to collaborate with artworkers, cultural spaces, and place-specific bio matter - unearthing transformative ways to play (process through which we feel and propel change) on molecular and infrastructural levels. Fundamentally their work is to re-invest in transformative embodiment (re-member, feel, be present, and heal our inherent wholeness) with art and cultural organisations.➰ Most recently commissioned by Eastside Projects, making their most aligned experiment to date between Dakar and Birmingham with extraordinary artists and artworkers 2023-2024. They have previously been commissioned by organisations including Ikon Gallery x Vivid Projects (Birmingham); Outside In (UK); Performance N’tha (Liverpool); Maia Group x Julie’s Bicycle’s (Birmingham); Kutlturfabrik (Luxembourg); Coventry Biennial (Coventry); ShapeArts (London); Warwick Arts Centre (Coventry); Apples and Snakes (London). They have given talks, mentorship, and workshops at Brunel University (London); San Mei Gallery (London), The New Art Gallery (Walsall), The Theatre and Performance Research Association TaPRA (online International audience), and Grand Union (Birmingham). They have curated in Arcadia Gallery (Coventry), Yard Art House (Birmingham), Vivid Projects (Birmingham). ➿