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Artists Index: Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon (b. 1981, Boston. Lives and works in London). Melissa Gordon’s paintings and silkscreens deal with the relation of a body to paint, and she often uses as subject matter the material processes of a studio practice. She has exhibited throughout the UK, Europe and US, including shows and projects at Spike Island, Bristol, Artists Space, New York; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; WIELS, Brussels; Kunstmuseum Bonn and Marres, Maastricht. Her recent exhibitions include 'The Mechanics of Fluids' at Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (2018), 'Collision', The Swiss Church, London (2018), 'Fallible Space' (2016) at The Bluecoat, Liverpool; 'Derivative Value' (2016) at Overbeek Gesselschaft, Luebeck, DE; 'Routine Pleasures' (2016) at Vleeshall, Middleburg, NL; and The Gesture is a Joke (2016) at Deweer Gallery, BE. Her book “Painting Behind Itself” was published with Revolver Press in 2016.