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Artists Index: Marie Toseland

Marie Toseland (b. 1987, Derby. Lives and works in Bristol.) Recent exhibitions include the solo show Local Interference, WORKS|PROJECTS, Bristol (2011), and group shows Thoresby Street Thursdays, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham (2012), and The Potential for Windows and Scale, The Contemporary Art Society, London (2011). Her writing has been printed in several publications, including The Potential for Windows and Scale, (An Endless Supply, 2012) and FEAST Journal (Laura Mansfield, 2011), included in the Nowhereisland Resident Thinker programme (Situations, 2012), and have been presented as spoken word performances for the Happy Hypocrite at both Spike Island, Bristol (2011) and Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2011). Forthcoming projects include a residency at The Curfew Tower, Northern Ireland and a solo show at WORKS|PROJECTS, Bristol. Marie is currently represented by WORKS|PROJECTS as part of Regional Interference.