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Artists Index: Manoj Yoga

Manoj is a yoga teacher, sound practitioner and ayurvedic therapist based in Birmingham. After growing up for most of his life surrounded by yoga, mantra and sound, Manoj felt compelled to carry on, share and dedicate his life to the spreading of the knowledge of his ancestors. After multiple trips to India for training and immersion, he has brought sacred teachings back to the west to share with students, in a way that allows them to use this wisdom and apply it to their own lives in an empowering manner, Over the last 7 years, he has shared classes, workshops, trainings and sound experiences across the country, with the ethos of his work based around inclusion and accessibility. Yoga and sound has become his life, allowing him to continue to support those he comes into contact with to help them live to their full potential and aid transformation. His sound baths are focused around crystal singing bowls and gongs to provide a space for relaxation, rest and surrender. Guests are held and supported by Manoj’s compassionate and supportive presence throughout the process. He is passionate about bringing various modalities together to create unique and enriching experiences for all and this project adds to that..