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Artists Index: Luke Routledge

Luke Routledge (b.1988) studied BA Fine Art at Loughborough University and is currently a member of the alternative art program ‘School of the Damned’. Routledge works across a range of media including sculpture, painting, animatronics and animation. These various media are employed to detail a fictional landscape and its inhabitants in an ever expanding world building project. Recent exhibitions include: Extra Ordinary People @ Artlicks, South London Gallery (2019); Summer Camp Show, Eastside Projects (2019); Amber Rooms, London (2019); On an Ordinary Rock, Art House, Worcester (2019); All Work, All Play, AIR gallery, Altrincham (2019);P is for Portrait, Art House, Worcester (2019); Mudmen,Residency & Solo Presentation, Bohunk , London (2018); NAWKI, 12O Collective, London/various locations, (2017); Happy to be here, Attenborough Arts Centre, Group exhibition organised by Two Queens, Leicester (2017).