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Artists Index: Lucifer Sky / Indira Lakshmi

Lucifer Sky (Indira Lakshmi) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Coventry, UK. She works across mediums of sound, performance, sculpture, programming and DIY electronics. As a solo project Lucifer Sky began in 2018 as an amalgamation of field recordings and distorted melodies as she navigated through new environments – geographic and psychological. Lucifer’s music exists as immersive soundscapes oscillating between chaos and calm, a mix of experimental drone, noise and ambient. She uses various materials including field recordings, spoken word as well as composed sound with a variety of instruments such as DIY electronic and MIDI instruments and found objects. Another aspect of her work is performative live soundscapes where she creates multi-layered, ephemeral audio-environments. Recently she has been programming interactive audio-visual experiences, with a focus on play and connectivity. @indira_lucifer_sky