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Artists Index: Kim L Pace

Kim L Pace (
b. London, lives and works in London and East Sussex) lived in Birmingham from 1990 to 1996 and studied for an MA in Fine art from the Birmingham institute of Art and Design. During that time she initiated and curated a number of artist-led projects in the city, including the site-specific installations “Sweetlife” (1995) and “Rebel Angels” (1996– 1997). Recent exhibitions and projects include: The Henry Moore institute, Leeds (2011); Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Rome (2012); Casa del Cinema, Villa Borghese, Rome (2012); Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich (2012); The Czech Center, NYC (2013); Wimbledon Space, London (2013); The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (2014); Millennium Films, NYC (2014); Arcadia Missa and Enclave Projects, London (2014).