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Artists Index: Keith Piper

Keith Piper (b. 1960, Malta, lives and works in London). Piper was born in Malta to Caribbean parents, who moved
 to Birmingham in 1963. As a student at Trent Polytechnic
in the early 1980s, he was a founder member of the Blk Art Group, a clustering of young black artists who were influential within the emergence of the British Black Art Movement of the 1980s. Since then he has exhibited work internationally, published writings and taught in institutions nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include: “Migrations: Journeys into British Art”, Tate Britain (2012); “Nothing in the World but Youth”, Turner Contemporary, Margate; “The Perfect City”, commissioned by Film London (2007), “How to improve the World: 60 years of British Art”, Hayward Gallery London, (2006); “Crusade, relocating the remains”, Ikon Gallery (1998).