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Artists Index: Kate Rich

Kate Rich (b. 1968, Melbourne. Lives and works in Bristol.)
In the 1990s Kate moved to California to work with the Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT), an international agency producing an array of critical information products including economic and ecologic indices, event-triggered webcam networks, and animal operated emergency broadcast devices. The Bureau's work has been exhibited in academic, scientific and museum contexts. At the turn of the century she headed east to Bristol where she launched ‘Feral Trade’, a grocery business and underground freight network. Recent projects and exhibitions include ‘Media-archaeology’ of the server disk, Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany, ‘Cube-Cola Trading Post’ at Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton, ‘Here Come the Drones’, Furtherfield Gallery, London UK, ‘Exchange Café’ MoMA, New York USA.