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Artists Index: Jon McCurley

Jon McCurley (b.1982, Toronto / Tkaronto) works in performance, film, sculpture, and comedy. Jon is of Vietnamese and Irish descent. He was half of the art group Life of a Craphead (2006 - 2020), and was co-founder of the performance and music venue Double Double Land (2008-2017). Life of a Craphead performance projects include King Edward VII Equestrian Statue Floating Down the Don River (2017), where a life-size replica of a well-known colonial statue was dumped into a Toronto river on a weekly basis for a month and Doored (2012 - 2017), a monthly live broadcast performance art show that featured over 150 performers over the span of 5 years. In 2018 Life of a Craphead was nominated for the Sobey Art Award. Jon’s forthcoming solo show, Skull Island, will be at Teck Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, in Fall 2021. His work is also part of the 2021 Seoul Mediacity Biennale, South Korea.