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Artists Index: Hashim Ali

Hashim Ali (b. 1995 Glasgow, Scotland.) had formed Hawkchild DIY at the young age of 15 in his childhood bedroom of his father’s Pollokshields home. Driven by a passion for unorthodox, innovative and interesting music and art forms, the project started off as an event promoting project focussing on the 80s and 90s inspired punk and noise. As progression continued and the formation of relationships with artists across the globe had snowballed, Hawkchild DIY developed and diversified to go on to release records, producing full-scale professional concerts, club nights and European tours along with radio appearances and DJ sets. Ali’s work, albeit traditionally rooted in music, sound and the youth culture surrounding it, has undertaken an absurd and irreverent approach to its execution which has received accolades from Warp Records’ Evian Christ, 2x Swedish Grammy Award Winner Yung Lean and NYU Lecturer of Risk Analysis Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The upcoming work from Ali takes a different turn, which will focus on his home neighbourhood of Pollokshields - home to Scotland’s largest Pakistani community, with the aim of exploring his peers and his own unique lived experiences during their adolescence by recovering material from obsolete technologies, historical articles published in the Scottish tabloid press and recorded focus group discussions.