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Artists Index: Field Cycles

Field Cycles is a collaboration between a 
group of friends from various craft, design
 and engineering disciplines. The unique 
 skillsets of the contributors – a maker, a 
 painter, a graphic designer and an engineer –
 have come together in a shared passion that 
 treats the fabrication of a bicycle as an exploration of craft, aesthetics and function. The partnership was developed out of a common pursuit for a hand built bicycle frame with a return to artisan craftsmanship, and a shared obsession with the bespoke production process as an antidote to mass-produced manufacturing. The group are inspired by the pioneering industrial heritage and tradition of their base, the ‘Steel City’ of Sheffield, and in particular the expertise of small workshops and the individuals who shaped its evolving identity. They are determined that their products should perpetuate Sheffield’s innovative steel working legacy. One member of the group, Mathew Harrison, produced Eastside Projects’ well loved first front door handle as part of ‘This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things’ in 2008.