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Artists Index: David Musgrave

David Musgrave (b. 1973, Stockton-on-Tees, England. Lives and works in London) Musgrave’s often anthropomorphic or animal like drawings and sculptures may on first glance appear to be made from fragile or throw away materials. On closer inspection it becomes apparent that they are in fact carefully crafted reconstructions in more permanent materials. For example, his paper Golems are made from hand painted aluminium, his deceptively titled giant torn tape figure (grey) is actually various shades of grey silk paint applied directly to the wall. Musgrave's work was first exhibited at Luhring Augustine in 2007 during Counterfacture, a group show of British artists that also included William Daniels, Rupert Norfolk and Alex Pollard. Recent solo exhibitions include Marc Foxx, Los Angeles; Luhring Augustine, New York; Marc Foxx, Los Angeles; Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow; and Greengrassi, London.