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Artists Index: David Medalla

David Medalla (Born 1942, Manilla, Philippines. Lives and works in London, New York and Paris.) In 1964 David Medalla co-founded Signals gallery with Gustav Metzger in order to show artists from the UK and elsewhere who were making kinetic art. MMMMMMM…Manifesto (a fragment) was originally published in the gallery’s news bulletin, also called Signals, which he set up with Paul Keller. On the exterior billboard an exerpt from this text muses on a series of fantastic possibilities for sculpture, opening up a space of imagination as evocative and full of potential now as it was in 1965 when it was first written. David Medalla has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums since the 1960s in exhibitions including Live in your Head: When Attitudes Become Form, Kunsthalle, Bern, Documenta 5, The Other Story, Hayward Gallery, Live/Life Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and Century City, Tate Modern.