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Artists Index: David Burrows

David Burrows (
b. 1965, London, lives and works in London.) Burrows moved to the West Midlands to study at Stourbridge College of Art before returning to the capital to study Fine Art at Goldsmiths. He taught at Birmingham institute of Art and Design from 1997–2010. recent exhibitions include: “Alternative 23”, iMT Gallery London; “Cracks in the Pavement: Schizo Culture”, SPACE London; “Weber Woche”, Stroom, Den Haag; “in outer Space there is no painting and sculpture”, Summerhall Edinburgh; “Animation, infiltration, Documentation”, Hal Project Space Seoul (all 2014). He was selected for Becks Futures at the iCA, London in 2001 and received a Paul Hamlyn Visual Artists Award in 2003.