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Artists Index: Dan Rees

Dan Rees (b. 1982, Swansea, Wales. Lives and works Berlin) Rees studied at Camberwell College of Arts, London (2001-04) and Städelschule, Frankfurt (2007-08), before relocating to Berlin. Much of his work references or reworks works by other artists in an attempt, as he describes it, to work out ‘how I fit into conceptual art history’. He often initiates collaborations with other artists, which manifest in activities such as playing ping pong or shortlisting a set of his images for an exhibition. These collaborations can also be fictional, for example, in A Cup of Tea with Gavin Turk (2007), Rees added a tea stain of his own next to Gavin Turk's cup mark on a White Cube limited edition print. Recent solo shows include T293, Naples; Andreas Huber, Vienna; Green Room, Weltkulturen Labor, Frankfurt; Wallspace, New York; Tanya Leighton, Berlin; ZINGER Presents, Amsterdam; and Jonathan Viner, London.