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Artists Index: Crow Dillon-Parkin

Crow Dillon-Parkin makes work about embodied experience, often from her own perspective as a neurodivergent menopausal woman with some physical disabilities. She uses drawing, collage, photography, performance and video, and makes sculptures and installation pieces, sometimes with a performative or video element. Crow usually works on several projects at once, depending on the time, facilities and level of focus she has available. Recent works respond to the climate emergency, the coronavirus pandemic and personal experiences of medication, but not all at the same time. Crow has an MA in Art & Science from Central Saint Martins, returned to Birmingham in 2019, and is now working from a unit at The Old Print Works, Balsall Heath. Since 2020 Crow has shown work at Mile End Pavilion, London, Ort Gallery and Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, the Venice Arsenale, and New Art Gallery Walsall (Twenty Twenty Collection and West Midlands Open).