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Artists Index: Clémentine Bedos

"Metamorph (2022) is a long-term collaboration between Clémentine Bedos, Holly Hunter, Verity Coward, and Assia Ghendir. The multi-disciplinary project, which includes 16mm film, along with prosthetics, text, sound and performance-based works, draws on the classical myth of Daphne; the nymph who transformed into a laurel tree in order to escape being raped by the god Apollo. In Metamorph, this narrative – which is traditionally interpreted as resulting in Daphne’s ‘eternal silence’ or ‘loss of self ’ – is reframed through a queer, transcultural and multi-species lens. We have focused in closely, minutely, on this moment of Daphne’s transformation, to consider alternative interpretations around agency in their becoming-tree, and their relationship to landscape. "