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Artists Index: Clarke & McDevitt presents

Clarke & McDevitt Present...(b. 1974, Dublin, Ireland and 1972 Troon, Scotland. Both Live and work in Berlin.) Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt are artists who met while undertaking their MA at Chelsea College of Art & Design London in 2000. Wanting to expand elements of their differing studio practice, they began to collaborate in curating exhibitions while at Chelsea. They have continued to do so since, organising various exhibitions including The Armchair Project, Cinch 2000, Play it As it Lays, London Institute Gallery, London 2002, Clarke & McDevitt present Matt Calderwood, Bjorn Dahlem, Sophie von Hellermann, Ian Kiaer, Cornelius Quabeck at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery Dublin, 2005. In 2008 they were joint curators/editors of Printed Project Issue 9 "The Call of the Wild is Now A Cry For Help."