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Artists Index: Claire Makhlouf Carter

Claire Makhlouf Carter (b. 1967, Nairobi, Kenya, lives and works in London_ lived in Birmingham for ten years, leaving when she was twenty-eight. During this period
she completed both her BA 1988’ and MA 1995’ at the Birmingham institute of Art and Design. recent exhibitions and projects include: “Demo Distraction”, learning resource, TATE Modern, London; “Demo Khat Dig”, performance event, London; “SPV Ltd SUBCELL”, old Police Cells, Brighton; “SPV Ltd”, Cross-Channel, Dieppe-Newhaven (all 2014); “Contract with a Heckler”, Trade Gallery Nottingham, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, Central School of Speech and Drama, London (2013).