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Artists Index: Bobbie-Jane Gardner

Bobbie Gardner is a composer, pianist, arranger, producer and music leader. She has received commissions from Uchenna Dance Co., Vocab Dance Co., mac arts, Punch Records, Vivid Projects, Sound and Music, Fierce Festival, Grand Union and Heart n Soul. She has extensive experience of working in schools and in the community under Sound it Out, Birmingham City Council Looked After Children, CBSO, THSH & Spitalfields Music. Her piano playing skills have seen her perform with an array of bands and ensembles, in 2010 she completed a tour playing live synths for Dubstep producers Dusk and Blackdown. She played keys for Heart n Soul‘s Lizzie Emeh at the South Bank for their Beautiful Octopus Club in 2012 and, created string arrangements for Lizzie Emeh’s new LP event in autumn 2014. Bobbie loves orchestrating, arranging and remixing music, in 2015 she created orchestral arrangements for opera singer Byron Jackson with the Birmingham Sinfonia and a remix of ‘Coco Butter’ by The Fish Police. She is running the final phase of for-Wards; a city-wide music programme where Birmingham’s 10 districts (comprising 40 wards) inspire the creation of 10 pieces of music by 10 Brummie composers and 40 community groups.