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Artists Index: Ban Workshop

“Ban” means clay in Wolof, the most spoken language in Senegal. Founded in 2020 by Imann Gaye, Amadou Samb and Aboubacar Barry, the Ban is a collective of Senegalese ceramists who live and work in Dakar. The members were joined a year later by another ceramist, Sidy Sy. The idea of forming this collective was born from the need to preserve the disappearing practice of ceramics in Senegal. Their practice consists of reinterpreting traditional modes of transmission, and production through the use of different technologies in order to reimagine a ceramic economy in Dakar. The Ban Workshop is both a production workshop whose creations can be found in their boutique, and an artistic workshop which produces works which are regularly the subject of exhibitions in the capital's galleries, cultural centers, and abroad. The Ban Workshop is also a place for learning ceramics. In 2023, they initiated a free two-years training program for young individuals from working-class backgrounds.