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Artists Index: Auto Italia

Auto Italia (founded 2007, London) is a London based artist-run project and studio led by Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Marleen Boschen and Edward Gillman. Auto Italia's collaborative work has taken on various formats ranging from public programming for temporary spaces, to gallery commissions and the production of online projects.  Auto Italia question how artists can work together to develop new formats for artistic production whilst negotiating a city as a space for work and living. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally at Tate Modern, London; ICA London; KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Artissima, Turin and CSS Bard, New York among others. Recent works include ‘On Coping’, Ithuba Arts, Johannesburg (2015) and ‘Polymyth x Miss Information’ (2014), ‘Golden Age Problems’ (2014) and ‘Opti-Me*’ (2014) all Auto Italia, London.