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Artists Index: Adam Farah

(b. 1991, London) Adam Farah is an artist and composer born-n-raised in London; a complex and rapidly-mutating city, the nuances of which inform much of their practise. Currently they are focused on exploring structures of poetics, taste and class, particularly through experimental and ‘promiscuous’ research methodologies. They expand on this through a range of mediums including drawing, sculpture, video, sound and performative gestures - that might try to aesthetically highlight and dwell on more ephemeral moments/happenings – in order to open up further contemplations. Farah graduated with a BA in Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts in 2014 and has since engaged in various projects/exhibitions. In 2017 they took part in the Holding Space Artists Associates Programme at The Showroom, and also became the seventh recipient of the South London Gallery Post-Graduate Residency (17/18) which they undertook as free.yard; the name of an ongoing situational and unstable project setup to hold together in equal attention, artistic, research and curatorial lead practise//praxis - with an underlying desire to create collaborative moments for artists to connect, manifest and exhale under the weight of oppressive and supremacist structures upheld within the complacent liberal bubbles of the artworld/s.