Staff portrait 2019 by Ashley Carr


Gavin Wade – Director. Full Time, £41,528 p/a

Ruth Claxton – Associate Director/Creative Director STEAMhouse. 0.4 FTE, EP/0.6 FTE STEAMhouse, £35,016 p/a

Zoë Sawyer – Offsite Curator. 0.8 FTE, £25,000 p/a (£31,250 pro rata)

Amelia Hawk – EOP and Public Programmer. 0.6 FTE, £15,000 p/a (£25,000 pro rata)

Candice Nembhard – Artist Curator Trainee. 0.8 FTE, Real Living Wage £14,508 p/a (£18,135 pro rata)

Yas Lime – Artist Curator Trainee. 0.8 FTE, Real Living Wage £14,508 p/a (£18,135 pro rata)

Polly Brant – Casual Assistant. 6 hrs p/wk Real Living Wage

Neisa Reid – Finance Administrator, Freelance





Minimum Artists Fees

Without artists galleries are empty. 66% of artists earn £10,000 a year or less, only 3% earn £30,000 or more from their practice (a-n membership survey 2015). We believe Artists are a public good and that the current system, in which the artist is often the lowest paid worker, is not fit for purpose, favours institutions and needs radically rebalancing.

In line with our aims to SUPPORT and CENTRE the Artist, we have an established system of minimum fees. Fees currently represent 25% of gallery programming budgets and reflect the differing scales of our galleries. Fees stated are a minimum amount we would pay. We cover other costs like travel, installation, transport and production separately.

We are always working to improve the fees we are able to offer and review our fees policy annually.


Gallery 1 – £3000. Gallery 2 – £1000.
Both + £75 care package + install per diem of £20 per day if not local and staying overnight or £7 per day if not staying.

New work both galleries £450 + £75 care package.
Existing work both galleries – £200.
Both + install per diem of £20 per day if not local and staying overnight, £7 per day if not staying.


New work – £450. Existing work – £300
Screening: £50
IRL Speaker fee: £200/Online Speaker fee: £100

EOP PROJECT (eg residency)

Minimum day rate of Real Living Wage (£9.30p/h) x 7.5hrs


Fees are project dependent – a minimum of 10% of the total project budget.

Company Directors

Simon Bloor – Artist, Birmingham
Tom Bloor – Artist, Birmingham
Ruth Claxton – Artist, Birmingham
Gavin Wade – Artist-curator, Birmingham

Advisory Board

Company Directors, plus

Bob Ghosh – Director, K4 Architects, Birmingham (Chair)

Nathan Tromans – Birmingham City University

Anna Horton Cremin – Artist, Manchester

Paul McKeown – Director, Forensic Accounting. BDO, Birmingham

Kelly Large– Artist, Curator & Tutor Curating Contemporary Art, RCA, London

Professor Andrea Phillips – BALTIC Professor and Director of the BxNU research institute  Northumbria University, Newcastle

Sumaya Kassim – Writer and Researcher, Birmingham

Vanley Burke – Artist, Birmingham

Cultural Citizens

Our Cultural Citizens are recruited through an open call to our audiences. They help us develop new ways to open out the organisation to different audiences, communities and perspectives. Each Cultural Citizen is paid £50 for their contribution to each meeting.

Cultural Citizens 2020-21

Selina Sagnia

Anam Zafar

Carla Busuttil

Toqueer Ahmed Quyyam

Susan Kruse

Founding Directors

Simon Bloor
Tom Bloor
Ruth Claxton
Céline Condorelli
James Langdon
Gavin Wade

Founding Directors 2011 by Alex Bailey