Our Codes of Conduct will be reviewed annually by the Eastside Projects Team.

Code of Conduct Version #2

Collectively reviewed and rewritten in January 2023 by Ruth Claxton, Dinosaur Kilby, Tim Mills, Jaz Morrison, Borbála Soós and Gavin Wade.

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If anything you experience at Eastside Projects makes you uncomfortable or does not follow this Code of Conduct please speak to a member of staff, email us on info@eastsideprojects.org or let us know (anonymously if you would rather) using our feedback form which you can open by clicking HERE

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Environmental Code of Conduct Version #1

Written in March 2024 by Ruth Claxton, Gavin Wade, Lucy Grubb, Naoibh McNamee and Bushra Mohammed.

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Previous Drafts

Code of Conduct Version #1

Collectively written in September 2020 by Ruth Claxton, Amelia Hawk, Yas Lime, Candice Nembhard, Zoe Sawyer, and Gavin Wade.

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