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PRODUCTION SHOW 2016 – 2018: Building/Developing/Testing
27 January – 22 April 2017

Featuring: Auto Italia, Sonia Boyce, Gabi Ngcobo & N.G.O and introducing Jasleen Kaur, Hardeep Pandhal and ESP Useful Editions
with Linda Brothwell, Alice Channer, Nicolas Deshayes, Eastside Development Corporation, Des Hughes, Heather & Ivan Morison, Peter Nencini, Rosalie Schweiker and Richard Woods.

Sonia Boyce: Wallpaper / Performances
27 January – 22 April 2017
Performances:   Friday 17 February 6.30pm & Digbeth First Friday 7 April 6.30pm

Hardeep Pandhal: A Nightmare on BAME Street
27 January – 22 April 2017

Auto Italia: JunkWorkMeatSpace
Saturday 11 March, 2–4.30pm

Public Preview: Friday 27 January, 6–8pm

We are in a state of productive crisis! We are at the mid-point in Production Show and all around us is in flux. The old systems have failed, or are failing and something new has yet to emerge. We are in uncertain times, socially, economically, culturally – a multiverse where multiple positions exist but are not crossing over, are not aligned and are increasingly oppositional and fractured.

The third in our series of evolving exhibitions, ‘Production Show: Building/Developing/Testing’ includes solo exhibitions, generative performances, artists’ tests for a major public art commission, a new production display system, a set of useful editions, and proposals, concepts and prototypes as events and workshops.

On 17 February and 6 April two improvised performances by internationally acclaimed artist Sonia Boyce will take place against a panoramic backdrop of wallpaper from ‘Paper Tiger Whisky Soap Theatre’ (Villa Arson, Nice 2016) and ‘We Move in Her Way’, showing concurrently at ICA, London. These events will, in turn, generate a next iteration of wallpaper design and skateboards to be deployed by Eastside Projects.

Hardeep Pandhal’s ‘Nightmare on BAME Street’ is a developing animation, comic, knitwear and rap tour de force.  Birmingham born, Glasgow based, Pandhal is developing new knitted work in collaboration with his mother, a new comic animation and a reading list, based primarily on written experiences and mythologies surrounding motherhood across a variety of cultures.

Throughout this third phase of Production Show there will also be tyre workshops with Gabi Ngcobo & N.G.O. in Johannesburg; artificial intelligence workshops with AutoItalia; and we introduce the work of Jasleen Kaur into Production Show with a set of measuring tools used or made by the artist over the last six years.

‘Production Show’ is an evolving process – a programme of relationships, commissions, exhibitions and events spanning two years which explodes Eastside Projects as an active space of research, development, prototyping, manufacturing and display. The exhibitions are set against a backdrop of multiple, ongoing live projects with a cast of public and private sector partners, clients and collaborators.

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