Trade Show
7 December 2013 – 22 February 2014
Preview Friday 6 December, 7-9pm
Curated by Kathrin Böhm & Gavin Wade

Christine Hill in the Volksboutique Small Business, Berlin 2010, © Felix Oberhage. Courtesy Volksboutique, Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig/Berlin and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts New York.

An Endless Supply, atelier d’architecture autogéréé, Sam Curtis, Valie Export, Field Cycles,
Martino Gamper, Ella Gibbs, Katherine Gibson, Jens Haaning, Christine Hill, Myvillages,
Kate Rich, Bob & Roberta Smith, Barbara Steiner, Apolonija Šušteršič.

‘Trade Show’ is a group exhibition that exercises the function of art to exchange, present and enact
different economic practices and cultures of trade. Over the last decades artists have claimed and
reclaimed trade as a socio-cultural space by producing their own shops, swaps, stalls, deals, exchange centres and distribution systems.

The first trade of ‘Trade Show’ is with the economic geographer Katherine Gibson who is writing an essay in exchange for James Langdon’s redesign of ‘The Economy as an Iceberg’, an illustration she has used in presentations around the world since 2001 to symbolize her feminist critique of political economy that focuses upon the limiting effects of representing economies as dominantly capitalist. You can download Katherine Gibson's essay by clicking here.

The exhibition presents trade as a universal activity deeply embedded in almost everything we do. Art proposes and enacts forms of trade that remind us of the possibilities and complexities of living in a society where everything must mean something, and everything must be worth something. ‘Trade Show’ contributes to a strong trading culture where roles are changeable, economies are collaborative and the imperative of a not-only-for-profit ethos prevails.

The ‘iceberg beneath the water’ is revealed within Eastside Projects as a series of trading stations take centre stage, including the ‘International Village Shop’, ‘Feral Trade’, ‘Field Cycles’, ‘Editions Shop UK’ and ‘Open Shop’.

DO YOU WANT TO TRADE? ‘Open Shop’ is a space available to ‘not only for profit’ enterprises, individuals, groups, and products from an open call. Contact us if you wish to be part of ‘Trade Show’.

The ‘International Village Shop’ run by Myvillages is an ongoing trans-local production and distribution space for goods with strong local connections. For ‘Trade Show’ the shop offers its biggest selection of collectively developed goods so far, alongside short production documentaries and a series of workshops.

Kate Rich sets up a ‘Feral Trade’ depot at Eastside Projects, with coffee directly imported from Mexico and to be further distributed through social connections only. A ‘Feral Trade’ Café with a broader range of produce and a series of events will open at Eastside Projects in January 2014.

‘Editions Shop UK’ attempts to bring together all of the artist editions available in the UK at present for sale to one venue. These ‘accessible’ artworks support individuals and institutions around the country, foster ideas of collecting, patronage and, above all, demonstrate the mutual support, and generosity of, artists and arts organisations like Eastside Projects – we support you and you support us.

On the facade of the building are a set of new signs by Birmingham based design studio An Endless Supply. The signs continue inside the main gallery identifying the array of trading moments around the space ranging from Jens Haaning’s ‘Redistribution (Birmingham – Karachi)’ 2013, a new discrete poetic artwork that redistributes the gallery lighting and Bob & Roberta Smith’s 2013 painting ‘Letter to Gove’, to Valie Export’s seminal 1968 performance ‘Tapp- und Tast-Kino’ (Tap and Touch Cinema).

In the second gallery Casco will present a communal reader and "Sitting is a Verb - Rietveld for (Un)usual business.", a Rietveld crate chair workshop by artist Aimée Zito Lema. This sits within the framework of‘(Un)usual business’, a long-term research collaboration between Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory and Kritische Studenten Utrecht (Critical Students Utrecht) that explores “community economies.

A new website with more details on all contributions and tradeables, updates on events and forthcoming versions of Trade Show elsewhere will be online from 6th Dec.

OPEN SHOP: To book a time to use ‘Open Shop’ contact with an outline of
your trading idea and a phone number to call you to discuss. Slots are available throughout the show.

We are very sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances Sign Painting with Bob and Roberta Smith on Saturday 7 December has been cancelled but we hope to reschedule this event at a later date.

Thankyou to
European Cultural Foundation for their generous support for 'Let's Trade - cultural explorations into trade and alternative economies', with (Netherlands) and Atelier d'Architecture Autogeree (AAA) (France). Exhibition supported by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York.

The Paris based ‘R-Urban’ project by atelier d'architecture autogéréé will host a second stage of
‘Trade Show’ in spring 2014.