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Puppet Show
23 March – 18 May 2013

'Empire of Dirt'
Friday 22 March, 7pm

'Nuclear Family (Three Tragedies and a Satire)'
Friday 17 May 7pm, Saturday 18 May 1pm and 3pm

Puppet Assembly
Saturday 18 May, 12–5pm

Edwina Ashton, Spartacus Chetwynd, Geoffrey Farmer, Pierre Huyghe, Japanther with Dan Graham / Rodney Graham / Tony Oursler, Heather & Ivan Morison, Jean Painlevé / Alexander Calder, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Simon Popper, Pedro Reyes, Simon Starling, Jiří Trnka.

Curated by Tom Bloor and Céline Condorelli.

Eastside Projects is finally revealed as a ‘puppet state’, an art organisation taken over by impersonators, impostors and transvestites, a collection of characters that criticise, debase, mock, undermine or protest in the place and voice of others. Performances including 'Who's got the ribbon now?' by Edwina Ashton will take place at various points throughout the show.

Puppet Show is part of a series of group exhibitions and productions within Eastside Projects that examine modes of display and the construction of a public sphere. Each project invites new curatorial and artistic voices to effect change upon the existing conditions of Eastside Projects and aims to impact on artistic practice further afield.

You Stay Away From Me. You Hear.

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