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Gunilla Klingberg: Parallelareal Variable
8 June – 3 August 2013
Preview Friday 7 June, 6–8pm

Gunilla Klingberg’s ‘Parallelareal Variable’ reveals a powerful set of electro-magnetic bands of energy forming Eastside Projects. Klingberg’s new site specific installation is the Stockholm based artist’s first solo show in the UK for over a decade and continues her cosmic kaleidoscopic feedback loops of spiritual, capitalist and consumer patterns as visual machines.

Exploring both the legacy of new age spirituality within contemporary culture and the historical importance of mysticism within art Klingberg’s visual machine locates a fixed and moving grid that divides the gallery space into areas of positive and negative energy affecting movement through the space with a psychedelic twist. ‘Parallelareal’ refers to a parallel reality of energy lines called Curry Lines, named after the German scientist Manfred Curry who discovered them in the middle of the last century.

Curry Lines are purposed electro-magnetic bands of energy crisscrossing the globe, similar to Ley Lines and the Hartmann Grid. The lines themselves are not seen as a problem, only the points where they intersect each other. As the lines are electrically charged, the intersecting points are either double positives, double negatives or one of each. Dismissed by conventional science, these lines became important in the new age movement as areas of intense supernatural activity, the intersections in particular are mythologized to be a source of unhealthy energy that can physically affect a persons state. The artist hired a professional dowser to divine the position of the Curry Lines within Digbeth running through the gallery. The representation of this grid through Eastside Projects turns the space into a flattened and repeating pattern for Klingberg, affecting the way a person navigates and exists in the space as a physical representation of the effects of the energy lines.

Klingberg’s parallelreal grids propose a social structure of the irrational, or the intuitive harnessing of site beyond science and art into the unknown, a mantra of sound and reflections made by movement through the ‘forcefields’ within the gallery.

Videoanimation in collaboration with artist Peter Geschwind.

Supported by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual Artists, McLeman Forklift Services Ltd, and Sturge Industries Ltd.

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Gunilla Klingberg (b. Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and work in Stockholm, Sweden)
Klingberg studied Sculpture at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts, Design), and Magazine and Newspaper Design at RMI- Berghs. Recent exhibitions include 'Wheel of Everyday Life' Rice Gallery, Houston, USA (2013), 'Sense and Sustainability - the first biennial of art, nature and urbanism' Urdaibai Natural Reserve, Bermeo, Spain (2012) and 'Abstract Possible: Stockholm Synergies' Tensta Konsthall, Sweden (2011). She is represented by Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm and Berlin.