Bill Drummond: The 25 Paintings
15 March – 14 June 2014
Exhibition Launch: Friday 14 March, 6–8pm

Eastside Projects proudly presents ‘The 25 Paintings’, the first stage of Bill Drummond’s World Tour 2014-2025. ‘The 25 Paintings’ is an epic sculpture, 25 years in the making and the culmination of the life’s work of Bill Drummond, artist, legendary music maker and infamous myth maker.

‘The 25 Paintings’ represents the climax of Drummond’s prodigious and eclectic art career begun in 1976 when he designed and built the stage sets for the 12-hour play ‘Illuminatus’ at the National Theatre in London. Since that time Drummond’s artwork has taken a multitude of forms including writing and performing music, managing bands, running record labels, forming art foundations, writing, publishing, lecturing, painting, making soup and giving away bunches of daffodils.

‘The 25 Paintings’ is the twenty fifth exhibition at Eastside Projects and exists within the gallery and across the city of Birmingham as Drummond works Wednesday-Thursday around the city and Friday-Saturday in the gallery. The central motif of the exhibition is the ‘25 Paintings’ alluded to in the title but Drummond describes his work as sculpture. The sculpture ‘The 25 Paintings’ began in 2001 and will be complete on 28 April 2025 at the end of the ‘World Tour’.

The twenty five paintings exist primarily to act as markers, signposts and advertisements for the work the artist will be carrying out across Birmingham through to June. The exhibition includes the ’25 paintings’, ‘The 60 Posters’, ‘The 25 Sixty Second Films’, three publications – ‘The 25 Paintings’, ‘MAN MAKES BED’, and ‘MAN SHINES SHOES’ – and ten lectures including three at Eastside Projects entitled ‘Art Versus Money’, ‘Painting Versus Sculpture’ and ‘Life Versus Death’.

Chiltern Railways, which runs fast services between Kidderminster, Birmingham and London will be sponsoring Drummond's travel from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street each week as he writes scripts for his Sixty Second Films.

For the first time works by Drummond will be for sale via Eastside Projects, including scale models of the ‘25 Paintings’ that the artist will produce live in the gallery for purchasers.

Drummond will also be taking on the challenge of raising £1,074,300 for Eastside Projects, £1 for every person living in Birmingham at the 2011 census.

On the 13th March, prior to the launch at the gallery, Drummond will arrive beneath Spaghetti Junction on a raft and construct the sculpture ‘400 Bunches of Daffodils’. Drummond is partly driven by the lyrics of Black Sabbath’s opening song on their debut album released in October 1969, and his ‘World Tour’ starts and finishes at what he sees as the very gates of The Underworld as described by the Birmingham band.

‘The 25 Paintings’ presents Bill Drummond’s work as one of THE British artists of the last three decades of the 20th Century and the first three of the 21st Century.

For Bill Drummond’s schedule of activity please see Bill Drummond Events.

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